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4 Essential Supplies for Packaging Applications

High-quality packaging supplies not only ensure goods arrive in pristine condition but also help to dramatically streamline the overall packaging process, saving you both time and money. From hand stretch film to corrugated boxes, this article will go over four of the most essential supplies for packaging applications that you should have on hand.

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are one of the most prominent staple supplies of the packaging industry. Corrugated boxes, as their name suggests, are made from corrugated fibreboard which consists of three layers: an inside liner, an outside liner, and a corrugated layer in between these two liners. The result of this design is a thick, strong, and stable packing box that can withstand an impressive amount of impact during transit. Corrugated boxes are not only essential for packaging applications but are also great for moving and storing items for long periods of time.

Hand Stretch Film

Hand stretch film is a type of stretchable plastic film that’s often used to bind goods on pallets and prevent them from being damaged and migrating on the pallet itself. However, hand stretch film is also fantastic for packaging applications. This is because stretch films are generally easy to apply, which can speed up the packaging process. The biggest benefit of hand stretch film is the fact that it can conform to many different bulky and awkwardly shaped items. For instance, if you’re sending awkwardly shaped and fragile antiques or musical instruments, conventional packaging materials can lack the flexibility to conform to these shapes, meaning the item might not be packaged as securely as it could be. Hand stretch film effectively solves this problem. When layered and wrapped around an item properly, it provides a surprisingly adequate amount of protection that can withstand hard drops, knocks and falls.

Packaging Applications
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Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is another staple packaging supply that continues to be used for just about every packaging application you can think of. The ongoing popularity of bubble wrap is due to its excellent ability to insulate items against impacts at a more affordable price than other similar protective packaging materials. Bubble wrap is also reusable, and unless it has been significantly torn and damaged, it can be used indefinitely. This not only offers the sender some big cost savings in the long run, but it also makes bubble wrap an appropriate option for anyone looking for more eco-friendly and repurposable packaging material.

A Good Marker

Easily one of the most overlooked and underrated packaging supplies is a high-quality permanent marker. A high-quality marker provides you with a way to write instructions on your boxes that can be seen by couriers or mark your packages for easier sorting and storage. Proper marking and identification of items can prevent them from being lost during transit as well as prevent boxes from being unnecessarily opened during the transit process. Fade-resistant, quick-drying markers are also convenient when you’re writing labels to prevent smudging and accidental removal of the marker.

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