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Spotify Premium Free – Tricks and Features for Android

Spotify is one of the online platforms that has made the pleasure of listening to your favorite tunes quickly come true, putting at your disposal all the advantages of the digital age in the consumption of musical productions of any genre.

The most popular music application of all the existing ones also allows you to easily organize your Spotify playlists, create your own lists, of Podcasts, videos, songs, and other playlists.

A tool that can come in handy in times of sadness and especially in times of confinement, like the one we are dealing with now. Everyone against the Corona Virus !!

Undoubtedly, one of the most demanded services by music lovers, so today we will tell you all about this application, tricks, recommendations, and the easiest way to enjoy the Spotify Premium Apk Download version for free.

An app with which you can have online access to a large music archive, through a digital music service with more than 40 million songs.

How does Spotify Free work?

The possibilities offered by the application to enjoy your favorite songs as well as personalize the service each day add more followers, thanks to the fact that the interface makes it very user-friendly to manage, discover or share music among friends, while the artists receive fair treatment.

How Spotify Free works

The music app is available for any type of use since it has two ways to consume its content online, free or through a premium service with a monthly charge. In both cases, you will need an internet connection.

Spotify Free: The free version of this application offers you the option to listen to any song in the catalog, but with ads between songs and depending on the type of device, you will have limitations to play on-demand.

On the other hand, with a Spotify Premium account, regardless of the device you are using, you will enjoy music without advertisements or limits.

With a Spotify Premium account, you will have the following benefits:

  • Listen to your favorite artists wherever you want.
  • Download music
  • Unlimited song skipping
  • Browse to find the playlists.
  • Discover new music.
  • Create, edit and reproduce your own lists.
  • Share playlist and music.
  • Let Spotify choose the songs with Radio.

How to Download Spotify for Free?

To download Spotify premium for free you can join the Spotify Android Beta program and become a beta tester of the Spotify Android application. As a beta user, you will have access to new versions of Spotify so that your comments, as a beta tester, allow you to correct any final errors in the music app.

Become a Spotify tester

Once you have joined the Spotify trial program, you will receive an update to the application: music and podcasts if you already have it installed on your mobile device or android tablet.

If you have not installed the application Spotify: music and podcasts, download it from the Google Play app store and you will have it ready on your terminal.

Download Spotify Free

You already have the best music app on your mobile terminal. From here, you can use the app as you normally would. You will be able to verify that the music application has the functions of the premium version and without the annoying advertisements.

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