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Which Of The Following Is NOT A Recommended Characteristic For Incident Objectives?

  1. Measurable and attainable
  2. Includes a standard and timeframe
  3. Stated in broad terms to allow for flexibility
  4. In accordance with the Incident Commander’s authorities

Option 3, “Stated in broad terms to allow for flexibility,” is the characteristic that is not recommended.

Option 3 suggests that incident objectives should be stated in broad terms to allow for flexibility. While it is true that objectives should be flexible to allow for unexpected changes and developments during an incident response, they should also be specific and measurable to provide clear guidance and direction to the response team. If objectives are too broad or vague, it can lead to confusion and misinterpretation among team members, potentially impacting the overall effectiveness of the response effort.

Therefore, option 3 is not a recommended characteristic for incident objectives. Instead, objectives should be measurable and attainable, include a standard and timeframe, and be in accordance with the Incident Commander’s authorities to ensure clear communication, accountability, and alignment with the overall goals and priorities of the incident response effort.

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