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Which ICS function is responsible for documentation of mutual aid agreements?

A. Finance/Administration

B. Planning

C. Operations

D. Incident Comman

The correct option is B. Planning

In the Incident Command System (ICS), mutual aid agreements are important for coordinating and sharing resources between multiple agencies or organizations during an incident or emergency. These agreements allow for a collaborative effort to address the incident effectively, and documentation of these agreements is essential for their effective implementation.

The responsibility for documenting mutual aid agreements falls under the Planning function within ICS. This function is responsible for collecting and analyzing information about the incident, developing the Incident Action Plan (IAP), and managing resources to meet the objectives outlined in the plan. As part of this process, the Planning function ensures that mutual aid agreements are documented and incorporated into the IAP as needed.

Documentation of mutual aid agreements includes identifying the resources being shared, the duration of the agreement, and any special considerations or conditions that need to be addressed. By documenting these agreements, the Planning function ensures that all parties involved are aware of the resources available and can use them effectively to achieve the objectives outlined in the IAP.

Overall, the Planning function in ICS plays a crucial role in ensuring that mutual aid agreements are documented and integrated into the incident management process. This helps to ensure that all available resources are utilized efficiently and effectively to manage the incident and protect the safety of all involved.

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