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What does “the origin of the robin” suggest about ojibwa views of the parent-child relationship?

A. It suggests that children were encouraged to disagree with parents if necessary.
B. It suggests that parents’ words were held in very high regard.
C. It suggests that parents were encouraged to allow their children liberty.
D. It suggests that parents preferred that their children be independent.


Based on the traditional Ojibwa story “The Origin of the Robin,” it can be inferred that option B: it suggests that parents’ words were held in very high regard.

In the story, a mother robin warns her young ones not to look at the Manabozho, the Ojibwa cultural hero. However, one of her chicks disobeys and is turned into a different bird. The mother robin is sad and reminds her remaining chicks to always listen to her words and not to disobey her instructions.

This story illustrates the importance of obedience and respect for parental authority in Ojibwa culture. The mother robin’s words are held in high regard, and disobedience has serious consequences. This suggests that the Ojibwa placed a strong emphasis on the parent-child relationship, particularly on the importance of children listening to and respecting their parents

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