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In the bustling city of San Francisco, accidents and injuries can happen when we least expect them. Whether it’s a car crash, slip and fall incident, medical malpractice, or any other personal injury, the physical, emotional, and financial toll can be devastating. In times like these, having a dedicated and experienced personal injury attorney by your side becomes crucial. That’s where Dolan Law Firm steps in. With their unwavering commitment to justice and exceptional legal expertise, Dolan Law has become a trusted name in San Francisco.

History and Reputation

Established in 1995 by renowned attorney Christopher B. Dolan, Dolan Law Firm has been serving the San Francisco community for over two decades. From its inception, the firm has focused on advocating for individuals who have suffered due to the negligence or wrongdoing of others. With a strong emphasis on personal injury cases, Dolan Law has successfully represented numerous clients, securing substantial settlements and verdicts. The firm’s unwavering dedication to its clients’ rights and its relentless pursuit of justice has earned them a stellar reputation in the legal community.

The Dolan Law Approach

At the heart of Dolan Law Firm’s success lies its client-centered approach. The firm understands that each personal injury case is unique and that every client deserves personalized attention and care. Dolan Law attorneys take the time to listen to their clients’ stories, empathize with their pain and suffering, and craft a legal strategy tailored to their specific needs.

Practice Areas

Personal Injury: Dolan Law Firm handles a wide range of personal injury cases, including car accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents, premises liability, dog bites, and more. Their seasoned personal injury attorneys have a deep understanding of California’s laws and regulations, allowing them to effectively navigate the legal complexities associated with these cases.

Elder Abuse: Dolan Law recognizes the vulnerability of older adults and is committed to protecting their rights. They represent victims of elder abuse, whether it’s physical abuse, financial exploitation, neglect, or medical malpractice.

Wrongful Death: Losing a loved one due to someone else’s negligence is an unimaginable tragedy. Dolan Law Firm provides compassionate legal support to families who have lost a family member in wrongful death incidents. They strive to hold responsible parties accountable and obtain compensation for the emotional and financial losses suffered by the bereaved families.

Employment Law: Dolan Law also has a strong employment law practice, fighting for workers’ rights in cases involving wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, wage disputes, and more. They have a track record of successfully representing employees and holding employers accountable for their actions.

Notable Achievements

Over the years, Dolan Law Firm has achieved remarkable results for their clients, establishing a legacy of excellence in the field of personal injury law. Their accomplishments include multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts in complex cases, setting precedents and making a lasting impact on the legal landscape. These achievements are a testament to the firm’s expertise, dedication, and relentless pursuit of justice.

Client Testimonials

Dolan Law Firm has garnered numerous positive testimonials from satisfied clients who have experienced firsthand the firm’s exceptional legal representation. These testimonials highlight the firm’s compassionate approach, professionalism, and commitment to obtaining the best possible outcome for their clients.

Community Involvement

Beyond their legal practice, Dolan Law Firm is deeply committed to giving back to the community. The firm actively participates in philanthropic initiatives, supporting local organizations and causes that strive to make San Francisco a better place for all residents.


When faced with the challenging aftermath of a personal injury incident in San Francisco, Dolan Law Firm stands as a beacon of hope and justice. Led by the experienced and compassionate attorney Christopher B. Dolan, the firm has consistently delivered exceptional results for their clients. Whether it’s a personal injury, elder abuse, wrongful death, or employment law case, Dolan Law’s unwavering dedication to their clients’ rights ensures that they receive the justice and compensation they deserve. If you find yourself in need of a trusted personal injury attorney in San Francisco, Dolan Law Firm should be your first choice.

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