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Put A Stop To Environmental Pollution

The environment we breathe in is deteriorating gradually. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important for a healthy body. You eat well, drink well, and stay active physically to have a healthy lifestyle. However, all your efforts go in vain when the environment you live in does not meet the standards of a good living. Furthermore, a poor environment is a signal for the poor country’s image. If your major cities are polluted, the overall perception of people changes. That is only one part of the damage caused by environmental pollution. To keep the environment safe, there are several steps to follow to prevent the hazardous environment from infecting the lives of living beings, be it us humans, birds, animals, or the water life underneath. In this article, we will be sharing the most dreadful sources of environmental deterioration that need to be controlled. 

Industrial Waste

One of the major sources of the dreadful environmental state is industrial waste. The carbon and other harmful gases coming out of the industrial chimneys pollute the air that we breathe, posing damage to our lungs, causing trouble breathing, coughs, and other health issues. Therefore, several petitions against factories involved in pollution are filed. For instance, the textile industry is responsible for harmful textile chemicals that eventually go into the water streams, polluting the water life and human, drinking that water. Therefore, these sources require control. Policies in place would prevent these factories from their parts in such harmful emissions.

Rubbish Accumulation

Not wasting the trash properly results in rubbish accumulation that further leads to foul odor. Trash not only pollutes a particular place but also rather affects the whole environment if not treated on time. Garbage truck services can help collect all to decompose it in the required manner. Hence, rubbish removal is a dreadful source of environmental pollution and needs proper attention.

Carbon Footprint 

With the increasing population, the number of vehicles on the roads are in an enormous amount that even the space on the roads seems less. The greater the number of vehicles, the higher the carbon footprint. The US has moved towards the concept of electric cars that do not emit, eliminating the carbon footprint. 

Open Burning Of Garbage Waste

The garbage that is collected must go to the junkyard for burning instead of burning the trash openly in a residential or commercial area where people are living. The poisonous gases emitted resulting from garbage burning are harmful to the lungs and the overall health of living beings. Therefore, be a responsible citizen and oppose the open burning of garbage.

Water Pollution 

Dumping trash into the water streams carries the junk to the lakes. Drinking polluted water leads to dangerous illnesses requiring serious medication, at times these damages are threatening. If the junk is carried to the sea, the life underneath gets affected too. It is necessary to prevent the habit of throwing junk that ultimately leads to irreversible damage to the environment. 

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