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How to Select the Best Polishing Machine for Your Car

While hand polishing will always have a place in the world of car detailing, using a polishing machine could produce better results in a fraction of the time. There are a few select types of machines for car polishing on the market. The right one for you will ultimately depend on your experience level when it comes to machine polishing, the level of shine you’re hoping to produce, and the type of paint on your vehicle. This article will detail some tips and strategies to help you select the best machine for polishing your car.


There are many generic polishing machines on the market from non-name brand manufacturers. While these polishers may seem tempting to take a chance on due to the usually lower price range, the inferior components and designs these polishing machines are manufactured with often underperform compared to their main brand counterparts. You should only buy a polishing machine that comes from a well-known and reputable name-brand manufacturer with a long history in the car detailing industry. The product will simply be superior in almost every measurable metric, plus there’s also a high chance that main-brand polishing machines will come with some kind of long-term manufacturer warranty that off-brand polishing machines usually lack. This can give you extra peace of mind when it comes to the purchase.

Experience Level

Depending on your experience using a polishing machine, certain types of polishing machines may be more appropriate than others. For instance, beginners are generally recommended to start learning machine polishing by using a random orbit polisher. This is because random orbital polishers are very affordable, are easy to handle and use, and will generally decrease the risk of paint burn occurring.

Dual-action polishers can be seen as the next step up from a random orbit polisher. They’re beginner-friendly and have similar characteristics to a random orbit polisher, but are usually more expensive.

Rotary polishers are much more difficult to handle and master, and therefore are only appropriate for those who have plenty of experience with machine polishing. While this type of polishing machine offers unparalleled cut, shine, and efficiency, it carries with it a steeper learning curve and a higher risk of paint burn and damage occurring.

Look Up User Reviews

Looking at reviews from verified purchasers of a polishing machine you may be considering is an excellent way to gain insight into the quality and usability of the machine without having to spend the money to buy and test the polisher yourself. User reviews can usually be found on the product page for any polishing machines you’re looking at purchasing. If user reviews aren’t available on the website you’re browsing, try to find a review for the specific make and model of polishing machine you’re considering elsewhere. Looking at both written and video reviews of a particular machine will give you the most information and help you make an even more informed purchase decision.

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